To the visitors:
Many of the booths accepts cash and mobile pay. (If you need cash, the nearest ATM machine is at the Østerport station.)

  • Present of free UCHIWA 

UHIWA is a kind of fan used mostly in summer in Japan. It is round and made by special strong paper.

We succeeded to collect some hundreds  of Uchiwas and would like to present  to you free at the Sakura

Festival.  As there is a limit of numbers, we would like to take a principle of  “First to come, first to get.”


Many thanks to the below supporters  who collected and sent Uchiwas to Denmark for the Festival.

”Kohoen” nursing centers
Rep.:  Mr. Ken Hiroe
Yonago-shi, Tottori-ken, Japan

The staff of  “ Kasumigaseki Minami Hospital “
Rep.:  Dr. Isao Ito
Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan

“Ayame Kindergarten” and other privates supporters
Rep. : Mr. Nobuo Odagiri
Ushita Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Japan

From The Copenhagen Sakura Festival Committee

  • Cherry Music 2017




Exhibition: Sambuichi “The Water” at Cisternerne (21. March 2017 – 2. February 2018)