NEWS – Sakura Festival 

18 & 19 April, 2020 

we are excited to introduce you to the following two groups who are going to perform at the festival’s main stage program.

Mitsune – Shamisen trio

Mitsune Duesseldorf ©Mitsune_Photo Anita Tsu Wei Tang

Mitsune is an all-female Shamisen trio based in Berlin, comprising members from Japan, Australia and Germany. Shiomi, Youka and Tina specialise in a unique 3-stringed Japanese folk instrument favoured by the geisha and blind monks of olden day Japan. The women of Mitsune delight in turning tradition on its head, performing an exciting mix of Japanese folk songs, virtuosic modern repertoire and original compositions.

The name Mitsune translates from Japanese as “a sweet sound”, but is also a play on the word “mitsu”, which indicates three of something – the three strings of a shamisen, three women, three cultures coming together in harmony.

Shamisen Trio MITSUNE perform their original piece “Heat”, with special guest Petros Tzekos on percussion:

Tsumugi no kai – Owara folk dance group

(Photo coming soon!)

Owara Kaze no Bon Festival is held annually over the first three days of September in Toyama in Japan. One of the most lively and popular event in Japan originated over 300 years ago known for its elegant traditional dances.

We “Tsumugi no kai” have performed Owara dancing in many places, such as nursing home, hospitals as volunteer work. We’re very looking forward to introducing our culture, tradition and beauty through the performance in Denmark.

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