The 4th Copenhagen Sakura Festival
The festival this year was held to collect money for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the amount collected from booths, fleamarket and nihonjinkai mochi group was 31,656.72 DKK. The amount will be transferred from the embassy to Japanese Red Cross. We sincerely hope this will be a small help in the afflicted areas and wish to thank everybody for your hard work.
With the help of everybody visiting the festival, the festival and foldning.dk (Danish Origami Organisation) has succeeded in folding 1000 cranes (senbazuru). These have been sent to Japan, General Affairs Division Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation 1-2 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan 730-0811 where they are displayed.
The Copenhagen Sakura Festival was for the fourth time in a row a great success
We wish to thank all participants, performers on stage (and grass) and tent-vendors for their hard work in making the festival a success.
We especially wish to thank the hard-working volunteers from Nihonjinkai, who spent their weekend helping the managmement of the stage run smoothly.
We also wish to thank all the photographers who showed great consideration and discretion when taking pictures of performers and private people.
The weather couldn’t have been better and we estimate the festival had around 15.000 visitors.


Performance on Main Stage

Saturday Sunday
10.40 Taiko drum (Seido Taiko) 10.40 Taiko drum (Seido Taiko)
11.00 Kyudo-Archery (Cph. Kyudo Seishinkan) 11.00 Kyudo-Archery (Cph. Kyudo Seishinkan)
11.30 Opening speech 11.30 Shishimai-Lion Dance(Teatret OM and Taiko)
12.00 Karate (Ashihara) 12.00 Cosplay (Genkai)
12.40 Japanese dance (Nihon Buyo) 12.40 Ninjutsu-Martial Arts(Bujinkan)
13.00 Kendo (Danish Kendo Ass.) 13.00 Taiko drum (Seido Taiko)
13.30 Judo (Judoklubben Mitani) 13.30 Aikido (Danish Aikido Federation)
14.00 Taiko drum (Seido Taiko) 14.00 Japanese dance (Nichibu)
14.40 Cosplay(Genkai) 14.40 Karate (Shotokan Karate)
15.20 Bonodori-Dance (Nihonjinkai Bon-Odori Club) 15.20 Bonodori-Dance (Nihonjinkai Bon-Odori Club)


Performance on II Stage

Saturday Sunday
12.00 Kimono workshop (Hanami-an) 11.30 Mochituki-Japanese Rice Ball Pounding
12.40 Shodo-Calligraphy
13.30 Flower Arrangement Demonstration by Ikebana International
14.40 – 17.00 Tea-ceremony (Hanami-an) 14.40-15.10 Tea-ceremony (Byakudan no kai)

Pavillion Saturday and Sunday

11.00 -16.00 Flea market
11.00 -15.00 Manga workshop

Open Air Stage