Copenhagen Sakura festival program

The Copenhagen Sakura Festival is well known for featuring many Japanese cultural performances.
Every year, you will experience both traditional and modern Japanese culture through the performances on stage, amidst the blossoming Sakura trees.

Here is the program for Copenhagen Sakura Festival 2023:

Program explanation

For those who are already interested or invested in Japanese culture, most of the performances might make sense, but for those who are new to Japanese culture, you might want a bit more information.
Here is a short overview of the different performances and what they are all about:

  • Wadaiko – A high powered drum show featuring the Japanese Taiko drums.
    The show is performed by Seido Taiko (DK)
  • Aikido – Modern Japanese martial arts with “way of harmonizing energy”.
  • Karate – Famous Japanese martial arts – but it might be different from what you’ve seen on TV!
  • Kimono – A traditional garment that happens to be the national dress of Japan!
  • Koto & Shakuhaci – A duet with two traditional Japanese instruments.
  • Tsugaru Shamisen – The Shamisen is maybe one of the best known traditional Japanese instruments.
  • Cosplay – A modern type of performance art where the participants dress up as their favorite characters form anime, manga, video games and more.
  • Soranbushi – A famous sea shanty and dance from the fishermen of Hokkaido, Japan.
  • Kendo – Actionpacked Japanese sword fighting in a (pretty) safe manner!
  • Bonodori – The famous Japanese group dance that everyone can join!
  • Haiku – A Japanese poetry form composed of 17 syllables.
  • Calligraphy – A traditional form of artistic writing that beautifully presents the Japanese letters
  • Manga & Anime – Manga is the word for graphic novels and Anime is the word for animated works – often versions of already existing manga.
    *Please bring your own pencils (HB or 2B recommended) and eraser. For children from 10 years or older.
  • Origami – The Japanese art of folding paper. Watch as a regular piece of paper turns into artworks!
  • Tea Ceremony – Yes, tea is much more than just a drink. It’s tradition, art and cultural activity.
  • Kobudo – Intense Japanese martial arts featuring traditional weapons and techniques.
  • Kendama – A classic Japanese cup-and-ball toy that has gained huge international popularity.
  • Ninpo Bugei – The art of self defense – best known from the Ninjas!
  • Judo – A classic, unarmed Japanese Martial Arts form.
  • Ikebana – Beautifully crafted traditional Japanese flower arrangements with more than 1000 years of history!
  • Mochi & Mochitsuki – Learn about the traditional chewy Mochi ricecakes and watch how it’s made.

Highlighted performances

We would like to highlight these artists and their performances at the festival, as they are quite unique to the Copenhagen Sakura Festival.

Koto & shakuhachi

Ayumi Shimonoto is a Yamada School koto and shamisen performer. She graduated from Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music and performs in many different genres including traditional and modern.
Kiku Day is a shakuhachi player from Denmark with Japanese roots, who is trained in classical shakuhachi solo music that used to be played by the begging monks. In this tour the two performers (at times supported by Sakura Yuka on koto) will play duets, solo pieces both traditional and contemporary music, and pieces composed by the performers in collaboration.

Mitsune Trio

The wonderful Mitsune trio will once again be performing at the Copenhagen Sakura Festival.
Enjoy passionate Tsugaru Shamisen played by three lovely ladies in Kimono!