Rules of the Copenhagen Sakura Festival Committee
§1 The name of the committee is the Copenhagen Sakura Festival Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee). Sakura means cherry trees in Japanese.

§2 The domicile of the Committee is Copenhagen.

§3 The objective of the Committee is to organize the Sakura Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) in connection with the blossoming of the 200 cherry trees at Langelinie, Copenhagen. The Committee shall organize festivals and arrange events including the setting-up of booths and a stage in the Langelinie area and/or other suitable places in Copenhagen and shall invite participants and sponsors to the Festival.

§4 The Honorary Chairpersons are H.E. the Ambassador of Japan to Denmark.

§5 The Honorary members of the Copenhagen Sakura Festival Committee are:

  • Mayor of Culture and Leisure
  • Mayor of Techniques and Environment

The members of the Copenhagen Sakura Festival Committee are:

  • Representative of the Department of Techniques & Environment, Municipality of Copenhagen
  • Representative of Andersen Denmark A/S
  • Director of Tokai University European Center
  • Head of Seidokan
  • Representative of Nihonjinkai
  • Representative of Japanese Restaurant Kyoto
  • Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Japan
  • Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Japan

§6 Membership of the Committee is voluntary and runs indefinitely. The Committee is responsible for the Committee’s legal obligations. The members of the Committee do not hold personal liability for the Committee’s obligation.

§7 The decision to increase or decrease the number of the Committee members should be agreed by a majority of two thirds of the Committee members. Should a member of the Committee wish to resign, he/she should recommend a successor who must be approved by a majority of two thirds of the remaining members of the Committee.

§8 The Committee shall set up a subcommittee among its members in order to conduct activities including finance, allocating funds, donations and book-keeping. The subcommittee shall consist of not more than 6 members and shall be elected from amongst the Committee members. The subcommittee shall elect a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a PR director, a program director, a treasurer and secretariat from amongst its members. The subcommittee shall decide its work procedure.

§9 Two joint signatures of the subcommittee members have the binding power of the Committee.

§10 The expenses incurred in connection with the Committee will be covered through donations from Government institutions and private firms.

§11 The financial year of the Committee shall be from the 1st of July until the end of June. The first financial year however will start from the date of the adoption of the Rules of the Committee until the end of June 2008.

§12 The Committee shall meet at least twice a year, once before and once after the Festival.

§13 The Committee shall approve and adopt an official report including the statement of accounts of the Festival submitted by the subcommittee after the completion of all the activities concerned. Thereafter the Committee shall make public the adopted report not later than the end of the financial year concerned.

§14 Should a surplus of accounts in a financial year occur, it should be carried forward to the next financial year.

§15 If the Committee will be terminated, the surplus should be used for charity or the like.

§16 Adoptions of amendments to the Rules of the Committee and dissolution of the Committee require a majority of two-thirds of the votes at the Committee meeting.

§17 These Rules of the Copenhagen Sakura Festival Committee were adopted by the Committee on February 6, 2008.