Copenhagen Sakura Festival 2021

Watch the online festival here:

🌸 The Official 2021 Online Edition of the Copenhagen Sakura Festival 🌸

The main program features Japanese culture, martial arts, music, artistic performances and more. The main program was arranged by the Copenhagen Sakura Festival Committee and filmed and edited by Sebastian Stigsby.

Thank you to the following performers:

Ms. Ninna Hedeager Olsen, Teknik- og Miljøborgmester, Københavns Kommune
Mr. Manabu Miyagawa, Ambassador of Japan
Dansk Aikido Forbund
CHIAKI of Sumi Works
International Ikebana Association
Helsingør Judo Klub
Mr. Peder Holm, Chairman of the Copenhagen Sakura Festival Committee

The Committe extends their gratitude to Mr. Peter Fog who supplied his beautiful
Seidokan Japan Center as a venue for the online Sakura Festival 2021.

Do you want to watch more..?

Besides the Main Program, the festival is hosting a series of video performances from festival attendees, organizations and companies connected to the festival. If you want to get the most complete virtual Sakura Festival experience – see more below:

Culture & History

Watch all video submissions about Japanese culture and history on this playlist

Food & Drinks

Watch all video submissions about Japanese food and drinks on this playlist

Art & Performance

Watch all video submissions about Japanese art and performance on this playlist

Visitor Videos

Watch all video submissions from visitors of the festival from past years on this playlist

Tokai International Fair VIDEOS

In support of the virtual Copenhagen Sakura Festival 2021, Tokai University Japan invites guests to view videos on Japanese culture produced by Tokai University students for the Tokai International Fair 2020

Looking for inspiration or experiences?

Under normal circumstances, you would be able to browse the festival site at Langelinie in Copenhagen, but due to Covid-19, this will have to wait, yet again.

If you miss the japanese food, drinks, culture and performances, here is a list of places that usually participate during the festival, so you can order a piece of Japan to your front door, book a unique experience or become a member of an organization with like-minded people.


Sukiyaki-Japansk Restaurant: Authentic Japanese food in the heart of Copenhagen
Tokyo Restaurant: A fantastic selection of Japanese food
Selfish: Sushi and bento boxes
Izumi: Sushi and much more
Andersen Bakery: Special Bread, Danish pastry

Online Shops

Japanese ingredients to all of your hearts content!
Watch the main program for an exclusive discount code!
Sing Tehus: Tea and sweets
Matchateria: Green tea and tea equipment
KROMKendama: Japanese toy; Kendama shop
Fantask: Anime, Manga & merchandise
Bambus Danmark: Merchandise made in bamboo
Food Gear Shop: Japanese kitchen knives

Organizations and others

Dansk Japansk Selskab: Japanese Society and Culture
Japan Specialisten: Travel Information to Japan
Nihonjinkai: Den Japanske Forening i Danmark
Foreningen Japanske Haver : Information on Japanese Gardens
Idrætshøjskolen Bosei: A unique Danish Sports College with a Japanese twist

Sakura trees in bloom!

We will finish off with some fantastic news! These images were taken this morning.
🌸🌸🌸 On Saturday 17/04-21, the Sakura flowers started to bloom at Langelinie 🌸🌸🌸
A true sign that spring is here!
Enjoy your local Sakura, whether it will be online, our underneath the blossoming trees.
If you do visit the park at Langelinie, please observe social distancing 🙏

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